As we have stressed many times, water is a forgotten nutrient and is consumed in such high quantities by your livestock.

Some points you may wish to think about:

  1. Does your farm have long distribution lines – Biofilm can be up and not only cause bacteria but can cause a slower water flow
  2. Do you use large water storage tanks? Sometimes dairy farms use cold water to cool down the milk, the water that is stored is then used to feed the cows. Warmer water will harvest bacteria in the tanks and the distribution network.
  3. Dirty water troughs – bacteria will grow
  4. Do you know what minerals are in the water? Has a lab test been carried out?
  5. Use of return from plate coolers, this is warmer water where bacteria will thrive
  6. Are calves fed milk replacer using the same water cows are drinking? If yes, how Is the health and growth of the calf? These young animals are more sensitive to poor water quality.

Ideally, water temperature should be around 15-17 c. The most common water quality problems affecting livestock production include bacterial contamination and high concentrations of minerals, (Iron and Manganese, for example). A build-up of vaccines, medication, etc in the drinker lines along with the bacteria will cause a biofilm and slime.

Harvesting Rainwater is another way of getting cleaner and fresher water to your livestock and after all, it’s free.

See the link to our rainwater harvesting systems:


GS Agri Systems can:

Add water meters onto lines – This way you can monitor how much water is being consumed. Ensure water is clean.

Design a bespoke and install a water filtration system

Chlorine Dioxide, Dutrion. Will remove biofilm from lines and sanitise water, it can also be used on the Milking robots.

Dosing of Dutrion is best directly into the water distribution network. We like to improve the water cleanness of in the trough.
Ensure a fresh/clean water supply with our external water storage tanks

Full/Empty sensor on troughs to re-fill as and when required

Booster pumps can be used to increase the pressure of the water so not trough need run dry

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