Bosta awarded GS Agri Systems the project for commissioning and installing the main supply lines, pump house, and tank connections for their intuitively designed Precision Effluent Dispersal System. GS Agri’s scope for works was to connect a pre-existing storage tank fed from a pre-filtration system and an aeration pit. The material of choice was PE and specifically PE100 SDR11 and due to the diameter of the connection and supply line being DN150 and 125mm it required GS Agri to Fusion Weld instead of traditional compression methods. The installation of the pipeline consisted of 25 x 6m straight lengths (150m) with Fusion Weld sockets every 6m heated to an optimum of 220 degrees over a pre-calibrated time period of which is automatically calculated via the Welding machine to make sure each joint is welded efficiently and correctly.  GS Agri installed a concrete base/platform for the combined pump, automatic backflush, and controller system of which is the heartbeat of the system. Bosta provided GS Agri with a bespoke install design in which they required the entry of the pipes into the pump shed to come in from underneath rather than the common route of through the sidewall.