Red Mite Avian For Poultry Protection

How to Kill Red Mites and Break Their Breeding Cycle

Red Mite is a nocturnal, blood-feeding parasite, which attacks the birds at night to feed on their blood. After feeding, the mites hide in cracks and crevices where they mate and lay eggs.

The Red Mite has a short breeding cycle and females can lay several hundred eggs, unless controlled mite populations can increase rapidly within the housing.

The management of red mite is a major problem in poultry layer farms, and if not managed properly may have serious consequences on production, animal health and welfare.

Red Mite Avian Effective Treatment

Red Mite Avian is a liquid treatment and is dosed into the water via a dosing pump for example, Seko or Dosatron.

Red Might Avian is a selected plant-based complementary feed which contributes to improve the natural resistance of laying hens in their environment.

The Red Mite Avian treatment is not like any other product on the market, this treatment works on breaking the breeding cycle. Once the bird has consumed water, the mites go for their blood meal, the mite are unable to digest the liquid product and will begin to dry from the inside out. Results will be visible between 6 to 8 weeks after starting the treatment.

Red Mite Avian Benefits

The benefits of Red Might Avian (Lentypou+):

  • natural alternative to chemical products
  • controls red mite infestation
  • no side effects
  • can be used in organic farming
  • no residues.

Red Mite Avian product is fully certified and is certified for organic use by the Organic Farmer and Growers.

GS Agri Systems Red Mite Avian.

Protects poultry, kills mites and keeps your birds breeding.

We believe the only good red mite is a dead mite.