Rainwater Harvesting and Water Storage

Harvest Rainwater and Store Your Own Water Supply

Rainwater harvesting is free, and it provides your farm with an independent water supply. This is a relief during times of drought and water restrictions.

Exrernal water storage tank

Water Storage Tank

Unfiltered water can contain organic matter that will strip oxygen, and over time the water will deteriorate. It may become stagnant, discoloured and may smell.

Harvesting rainwater supplements the mains supply saving money. GS Agri Systems specialise in sustainable rain collection systems and rainwater storage tanks for clean H2O. We have worked with a number of farmers and producers to provide them with a sustainable, self-sufficient water source. Uses for harvested rainwater include:

  • pressure washing, yard and vehicle wash down
  • irrigation
  • dust suppression
  • spraying
  • water for livestock.

Our rainwater harvesting systems include filtering, storage tanks and UV lighting that kills bacteria. Take a look at the products available https://www.3ptechnik.co.uk/rainwater-harvesting/

Rainwater Filtration and Storage

Rainwater is filtered when entering your external water storage tank and is kept in the dark to discourage algal growth, which can be a problem in rain barrels.

We advise installing external UV light kill any bacteria for water going to livestock. UV light only works on clear water, so the water must be filtered before travelling through the ultraviolet light.

Inbuilt calming inlets ensure that any sediment at the bottom of the tank does not get stirred up. Note: This water is not fit for human consumption.

A quick, simple calculation of your roof size will help determine the extent of the system you need and our system will be installed based on your requirements.

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Rainwater Harvesting systems for a sustainable, self-sufficient water source.

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