GS Agri Systems first installation of mechanical ventilation fans and shutters on a local dairy farm.

Ventilation has always been an important aspect of calf welfare. DEFRA plans to introduce mandatory design standards for new livestock housing by 2022, means that the importance of ensuring that your buildings are well-ventilated is becoming ever more important.

As cows are now spending more time inside it’s very important to provide a healthy environment.

  • A poorly ventilated agricultural building leads to poor air quality
  • Air will be full of moisture, bacteria, viruses, and the smell of ammonia.
  • This leads to a decrease in yields and much higher costs for animal welfare.
  • Heat stress causes milking cows to reduce feed intake causing a drop in production levels
  • In extreme cases, the cows’ overall health and fertility will also be affected.

By installing GS Agri Systems manual/auto ventilation fans on your farm, you can ensure that your livestock does not suffer from heat stress and maintains their good health. Get in touch today for more information.