Dutrion Disinfectant

Dutrion Chlorine Dioxide is a safe and the most powerful disinfectant biocide

Approved by FDA, EPA, EU and recommended by the WHO and many agencies around the world.

Dutrion is 5 times stronger than chlorine and bleach solutions and is effective at low concentrations. It does not react with other compounds, compared with chlorine and hydrogen peroxide. Dutrion will kill viruses, bacteria and spores.

Dutrion is safe to use on all applications including:

  • Household cleaning
  • Office, vehicle and general cleaning
  • Washing down of factories, sheds and farmyards
  • Fogging of classrooms, hotel lobbies, dwellings, shopping centres and hospitals amongst others

Dutrion is certified according NSF.60/ANSI guidelines for potable water disinfection.

Dutrion Disinfectant Brochure 2020