Livestock Dosing Systems

How Dosing Systems Benefit Your Farm

Piglets feeding. GS Agri Dosing Systems installed means healthy livestock.

Dosing systems for healthy animals

We supply dosing systems that are cost-effective, efficient and essential to healthy animals. We advise dosing systems for chemicals including acids, chlorine dioxide and aquaclean.

Dosing systems are also used to provide medication, complementary feeds and vitamins to your livestock.

Investing in a dosing system is a profitable and prudent investment. At GS Agri Systems, we supply and install various dosing systems and booster pumps, and we are stockists of Seko, Dosatron and the In-Fluid Smart dosing tank.

We can also source Grundfos and DAB pumps. Whatever your dosing requirements, we will ensure you achieve the best dosing system.

Overdosing is a waste of money. Under dosing is ineffective. And a waste of money. Whatever your farm size or the number of livestock you have, a reliable dosing system that suits your specific needs is essential.

We design our dosing systems to meet the specific needs of each farm. Our assessment of your needs will consider farm size, livestock, layout, water sources and any specific usage requirements. We provide complete installation and aftercare.

The dosing systems that we supply are a cost-effective investment, easy to maintain and simple to install. Our hands-on experience and expertise in dosing systems and tailored products is at your service.

GS Agri Systems include after-sales advice, maintenance and support to ensure long-lasting efficiency.


Invest in Cost-Effective and Efficient Dosing Systems For a Flourishing Farm

Advice, Installation and Aftercare

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GS Agri Dosing Systems installed

Grundfos pumps dosing system
Grundfos pumps dosing system
Seko pumps and filters dosing system
Seko pumps and filters dosing system
Seko dosing system
Dosatron pumps dosing system
Grundfos dosing system
Grundfos pump dosing system in a box enclosure to protect from the elements