Clean Egg 252

Reliable Hatching Egg Sanitiser

Disinfection of hatching eggs is critical in hatchery management, with newly laid eggs frequently exposed to contaminants and pathogens.

The Clean Egg 252 is the fastest and most reliable hatching egg sanitiser with the highest hatchability rate.

Clean Egg 252 Features

Every machine comes with seven trays, a temperature gauge, an egg wash pump and a water mix valve for the right temperature.

Egg producers know that when micro-organisms penetrate the shell, this can cause embryonic mortality, weak chicks, high chick mortality and poor chick growth. In turn, this affects profitability and production levels.

Use Clean Egg 252 to disinfect hatching eggs to protect your poultry, profits and production.

With Clean Egg 252 every 8 minutes, you will have clean eggs. Key features:

  • Prewash (to prevent nozzles from clogging)
  • Main wash and rinse cycle
  • No idle time for warming up water between cycles because of an optional boiler.

The latter is crucial for the fastest washing time and a high hatchability. Clean Egg 252 sanitises and warms water simultaneously, maximising the capacity of sanitised eggs per hour. The advantages are:

  • Good hatchability
  • Fully stainless steel
  • No cracked eggs
  • Washes approx 1980 eggs per hour
  • The machine immediately shuts down when opening the door.


  • Use with Egg Wash detergent (approx. 30ml per cycle) in 25kg jerrycan
  • Boiler 25l with inlet combination(warm water must be within 3 meters of the machine and the temperature should be 43 degrees Celsius/2-3 Bar water pressure:
  • Extra trays.

Together we can hatch a plan to equip you with the fastest and most reliable egg sanitiser.

See how Clean Egg 252 sanitises eggs in only 8 minutes!

Farmers and producers in over 50 countries use Clean Egg 252 egg sanitiser

Clean Egg 252 machine

Healthy Poultry. Healthy Eggs. Healthy Livelihood.