The Biosparge System  for BioSecurity

How does the Bio-Sparge work?

The disinfectant wheel spray system is simple to operate, and robust and works in most challenging environments. The Bio-Sparge incorporates a dosing valve and pump that applies a barrier of disinfectant solution via spray nozzles to the underside and sides of vehicles. The system is triggered automatically by all approaching vehicles and can be programmed directionally. The Bio-Sparge is in use at show grounds, livestock auctions and poultry and pig farms in the UK and worldwide.

  • The vehicle disinfectant spray system is available in different sizes, to suit smaller vehicles up to the large HGV lorries.
  • The Bio-Sparge uses either mains or farm bore hole water which is then automatically mixed at a controlled percentage with a neutral PH chemical to provide the disinfectant spray,
  • The Bio-Sparge SMB incorporates internal heating to protect the Bio-Sparge’s components in cold weather together with automatic visual status alarms. These alarms provide protection to the Bio-Sparge in the event of a loss of water supply, or when operating in cold conditions
  • The Bio-Sparge SMB uses Smart Movement Beams to trigger the Bio-Sparge’s management system which operates the pump and valves for a pre-set time. The water and chemical/detergent solution is pumped through the spray bars to disinfect the vehicle at a pre-set dosage rate.

The Bio-Sparge SMB is best installed on a concrete base with a camber to assist runoff and avoid puddles. When used with high volumes of traffic consideration should be given to the drainage and storage of the run-off water. The Bio-Sparge SMB should not be installed on soft ground, gravel, or tarmac and will not be warranted.



230v 50Hz, 13A, Single Phase

A qualified electrician should undertake the electrical installation. All electrical components are CE Marked and the Control Cabinet wired to EN60204-1.


We recommend that a tap, or isolation valve should be installed in the water supply to the Bio-Sparge Cabinet, to allow the water supply to be turned off for maintenance of the Bio- Sparge SMB.

Clean Mains water, or a Borehole water supply, minimum pressure 2 bar (29 PSI) maximum pressure 7 bar (100 PSI).


It is recommended that a biodegradable PH neutral Chemical / Disinfectant is used with the Bio-Sparge SMB.

Consult with your chemical supplier and ensure that the chemicals used to comply with all regulations and local bylaws.


The system needs to be mounted on a concrete base with all of its counterparts (sensor posts, spray bars, main unit etc).

We have a variety of Bio-Sparge models to suit your needs. Email us for more information.