Bio security. Automated vehicle disinfectant spray system

Biosecurity: Protect Your Livestock and Livelihood

Prevent the spread of disease

Biosecurity systems are used to prevent outbreaks of disease spreading and causing severe effects on your livestock. GS Agri Systems are specialist in biosecurity.

Ensuring you have effective Biosecurity measures gives you peace of mind knowing your farm, your family, and your livestock have proactive preventative measures in place.

Biosecurity focuses on controlling and reducing the movement of animals, people and vehicles to and from livestock areas.

Choose The Bio-Sparge From GS Agri Systems

The Biosparge is award-winning, cost-effective and is robust making it ideal for most challenging environments.

We have a variety of models to suit all needs and is available in any RAL number colour. The bio-sparge uses environmentally friendly, hospital-grade disinfectant making it a safe choice. More on Biosparge.

How We Can Help Your Biosecurity

We can assist you in identifying possible areas of Biosecurity risk.

We can assess the areas on your farm or facility that may be susceptible to risk, and what processes and procedures do you have in place?

From there, you can identify the measures you need to put in place and the systems that will ensure your farm and premises are biosecure.

We will advise on contingency planning in the event of a biosecurity breach or animal health alert.

Watch the video above to see the Bio-Sparge in action!

Bio security system from GS Agri Systems at poultry farm entrance

Vehicle Disinfectant System at the entrance of a Poultry Farm

How Are Biohazards and Pathogens Spread?

Directly through:

  • Contact – from animal to animal, or person to animal (or vice versa)
  • Droplet – through sneezing or coughing
  • Bodily fluid – this include transplacental, and through lactation, or exchange of body fluids

Indirectly through:

  • Machinery equipment and tools
  • Pest and insect vectors
  • Food and water

Don’t Be Sorry. Be Biosecure.

Protect Your Farm, Your Family, Visitors and Your Livestock

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